Aluminum oxidation

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     Company focuses on the natural color oxidation, dyeing oxidation, hard oxidation, sand blasting of aluminium (alloy) products. Over the years, our company upholds the tenet of Care for the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, continuously upgrade and improve technology, scientifically and rationally plan the industrial layout, and ensure the safety of customers'products. Better quality, better service, strive to meet customer needs, lay a solid foundation for future development. At present, our oxidized products involve aerospace, rail transit, medical devices, communications, automotive industry, household appliances and other industries. The company adheres to one-stop processing services to achieve the surface "three without" (no scratches, no water marks, no color difference). With high quality service, reasonable price, to customer satisfaction products.

      [Products] - Small structural parts


        Product fixture - hard oxidation                                                             Router aluminum housing - dyed ash after sand blasting


       Wear parts - hard oxidation                                                                    Radiator - dyed black


      【Products】-Auto Accessories


Car Speaker Structure - Black


        Automotive frame parts - black oxidation                                            Automotive frame parts - sandblasting                                             

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